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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of HOMERIGHT Heating and Air Conditioning Inc explains how we collect, share, and use your information. It marks the obligations and requirements of clients and the website.

Moreover, the Privacy Policy will show how we protect users’ details. In the entire page, the term “we,” “us,” and “our” refers to HOMERIGHT Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. The person who uses our services and visitors who browse our website will be referred to by “you” and “your.”

Use of Website

HOMERIGHT Heating and Air Conditioning Inc offers a safe environment by protecting your data from unknown sources. It also includes the information of our clients given to us through emails or calls. Our Privacy Policy applies to all the information collected from our website and other online services we own. Remember that we are not responsible for third-party links and how they protect your information. If you visit the third-party links, you will be governed by the Privacy Policies of those websites.

Collection of Information

We collect both personal and anonymous information for use as per our Privacy Policy. Personal information is the collection of data that identifies you, while anonymous information is data that does not show your identity. 

Your personal information includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email ID
  • Bank account number

Anonymous information contains data about your browser, device, or the websites you visit. We might merge your personal information with the data we collected about you from different sources.

Use of Personal Information

We collect your personal information to grant you access to our website. While using our services, you might be asked to provide additional data, like financial information, to complete the formalities. It is up to you whether you provide personal information or not. But remember that you cannot access our website completely if you do not provide the required information. The primary purpose of getting your personal information is to respond to your queries and upgrade our services.


HOMERIGHT Heating and Air Conditioning Inc uses cookies to enhance your experience on our website. You will get a pop-up on the screen on the first visit that will let you enable or disable cookies. It allows us to work within the requirements a website needs, i.e., accessing our users’ files like cookies by acquiring their consent. 

Cookies are saved on hard disks to track how much time you spend on our website. It allows us to provide you with an easier way to use the services of our website. However, if users do not want to share their personal information, they can block the access of cookies in their browsers.


We offer the feature of an email newsletter that allows us to convey the services we provide to our members. You can subscribe to our newsletter by simply submitting your email. All the personal information we collect through the newsletter of our users is heavily guarded under the Data Protection Act. 

Not even third-party websites can access your personal information. You can request a copy of your personal information that we get through the newsletter subscription program. The emails you receive through our newsletter might have a tracking facility for further evaluation. The tracking may include opening and forwarding emails or clicking links within the date and time. 

Purpose of Visible Links

To improve the quality of our services, we provide safe external links. However, you must proceed with the external links according to the Privacy Policy mentioned on our website. External links could be in the form of images, banners, or texts. We are not responsible for anything when you access the external links. Therefore, users must know the risks of the damage they can get while clicking external links.

Sponsored Links 

We use sponsored links on our website provided by our partners who agree to the Privacy Policy. HOMERIGHT Heating and Air Conditioning Inc uses sponsored links to redirect users. The sponsored links contain cookies that track the number of referrals to our website. Once you click on the sponsored links, the cookies will be saved on your hard drive. So, the users must take full responsibility for the implications they might face on sponsored links and should not hold us liable. 

Role of Social Media Apps

Any connection built with our users through social media platforms is processed according to the Privacy Policy. Therefore, we recommend users engage on social media handles with caution regarding their personal information.  We will never ask you to share your data on social media sites. Our website uses small icons for social media handles displayed on the home page. Upon clicking it, you can share the services directly on social media platforms. We do not guarantee what you will find on the social media pages. Therefore, you are requested to proceed at your own risk.

 Children’s Privacy 

We are well aware of the privacy of children. Using all the services offered on our website means that you are eligible. We will not grant access to the website nor collect personal data if the user is below 13. In that case, we require the permission of the parents or guardians under the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

SSL Protection

When you log in to our website to purchase our services, your credentials are protected through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It prevents third-party sites or external links from accessing your data. Every browser has the facility of providing SSL protection. You just need to find it in your browser’s settings and enable it. 

Changes in Privacy Policy

We have the right to change our Privacy Policy to change or modify the use of our services. The change might occur by law or a certain requirement. You can check the date mentioned at the end of the web page. We advise users to reread the Privacy Policy to see the changes.

For Queries 

If you have any confusion regarding our Privacy Policy before or after the changes, email us at